Wo we are

Alma Energy combines successful expertise from the entire value chain in the energy industry. We focuses on innovative solutions for an economically sustainable transformation towards an environmental friendly energy sector.

Our focus is to deploy geothermal technologies at a commercial scale for power delivery and develop integrated solutions for decarbonization and a balanced renewable energy portfolio.

Hermann Lebit

Dr. Hermann Lebit CPG



Hermann holds a Ph.D. in Earth Science from ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. Over 25 years of expertise in the Energy industry and Earth Sciences are associated with successful innovative approaches in executing business developments, capturing energy resources through exploration, while mentoring others, and a continuous engagement in the professional and scientific community.
Natalya Kharitonova

Natalya Kharitonova MSC

Geoscience & Data Analytic


Natalya holds a Degree in Petroleum Geology from the University of Wyoming. During more than 25 years in the energy industry, she gained a wide experience ranging from international and domestic business development to drilling wells in the mid-continent to capturing globally conventional and unconventional plays. She is an established expert in geological basin modeling and analysis.