energy transition through innovative solutions

Clean power generation from sedimentary basins by building upon established expertise in the energy industry

Clean Energy is the future

Geothermal resources are an integral part of the clean energy transition and a resilient response to the growing energy demand
Thermal Energy

Renewable Energy Solutions

In addition to geothermal energy production, we seek integrated solutions including decarbonization through carbon storage and an integrated renewable energy portfolio.

Geothermal Energy Production

Geothermal Energy Production in Sedimentary Basins

Geothermal reservoirs in sedimentary basins offer a tremendous resource for base-load electrical power generation to meet growing clean energy demand.

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Carbon Sequestration

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon sequestration using depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs is a solution to securely store greenhouse gases and reduce emissions.

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Integrated Renewable Energy

Integrated Renewable Energy Concepts

Resilient clean energy infrastructure relies on a balanced mix of power resources and effective storage of excess energy.


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We strive for an economically sustainable Clean Energy Transformation by advancing the comprehensive expertise, and utilizing vast data sources and best practices evolved from the energy industry

Strategy Chart

Our Strategy

Alma Energy is seeking partners and raises investment in geothermal power production in sedimentary basins, harnessing thermal energy extracted from medium enthalpy reservoirs associated with oil & gas infrastructure.